From universal myths shared by many cultures to regional tall tales and legends, stories come in all kinds. Participants will learn about different types of stories, why they exist, and what they tell us about ourselves.

Wonderosity Kits are individually themed, bundled program plans that can easily be integrated into your current programming or used on their own. Kids will not only be having fun but also developing 21st century skills, like creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.

Designed to be flexible, the four programs in this kit can be offered individually, done over multiple sessions, or bundled together to create a series of mini-camps — whatever works best for your learning environment.

The kit contains the following program plans with instructions and ideas to extend learning:
• Mythology: Not Just for the Greeks: Participants will learn why humans create myths and explore some of the universal themes found in mythology from around the world. Then they will create and act out their own myths to explain some natural phenomenon.
• Real or Not Real? Legends and Tall Tales: Legends and some tall tales are based in history. Participants will learn about some common American legends and tall tales and will look for some around their own community
• Globetrotter’s Cryptozoology: What is cryptozoology? Participants will answer that question, explore some of the more common stories of cryptids, and learn how to try to spot them.
• Nautical Folklore and Superstition: Many stories and superstitions revolve around sailing. Participants will learn about some nautical folklore and do some science experiments to debunk or prove some of the commonly held beliefs.

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